The Golden Age of Couture Exhibition, Victoria & Albert Museum, Paris and London 1947-1956, 22nd Sept till 6th Jan 2007 ♥ photo : isabel metello ©

quinta-feira, 18 de agosto de 2011

♥ my first handycraft jewelry and ecofriendly objects collection shown at my first public exhibit at a local library ♥

I began creating my own jewelry when I was 12 years old, furthermore, as a teenager I used to create olther acessories later , whem I was 19 years old (in 1989 more or less) I began creating all of them, mixing several kinds of materials - beads, shells, buttons, whatever I thought matched that piece...the first necklace was made in 1989 with wooden beads and buttons painted by me as well as with artificial flower petals bought at a flea market...this exhibition took place at a local library in 2008. design and photos © : isabel metello

...the ecofriendly objects were also made of recycled materials (Christmas decorating ribbons, shells...)...the wooden one has been developed with 2 pieces I bought at Victoria and Albert Musem (London) and a golden metal string, the dark substance inside of two of them is volcano lava from Lanzarote, a Spanish island where I went to on vacations in 2007...

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